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Best Short Term Accommodation in Perth

Best Short Term Accommodation in Perth

Perth is the fourth most populous region of Australia. Being a seaport it is also one the fastest growing economies in the world. It attracts tourists from all over the world and has become a major tourist destination in recent years. While there are people visiting Perth for a longer duration, short-term visits are not uncommon.

Short term accommodation in Perth may be needed for various purposes:
• Short business Trip
• A weekend family vacation
• Locals having home make-overs
• Family visits – like visiting a studying child or visiting an ailing family member.
• Attending the conference
So whatever the purpose, there are various choices for short-term accommodations at Perth.
• Student Dormitories and Rentals: These are the cheapest alternative there is to be, and are most preferred by students and bachelors who are not big on spending money. The price range varies from $30 – $90 per night. Often one finds, the rental price is quoted on per week basis rather than per night basis, which ends up cheaper than per night basis
• Short-term Rental Apartments: Often people having a spare room in their apartments, or people who own more than one apartment, will rent out the extra space. These are recommended for short-term stays and come at reasonable prices rated at $75 per night. Some hosts even go as far as to offer complimentary breakfasts to the renters.
• Hotels and Service Apartments: These are considered to by luxurious options. Based on the needs and the comfort desired there are innumerable places to choose from. Usually, these accommodation are put up on popular websites from where you can get in touch with the owner. Some of the sites even offer discounts on bookings, which can help you save considerably on accommodation.

The Fraser Suites in Perth offers the best service in the space of Luxury service apartments. Often companies have taken upon their services to offer the best experience either to its clients or employees who are on short term assignments to the city. With its designer interiors and the facilities offered to its guest, it leaves a long-lasting impression on clients.

The reviews on the site and various travel sites speak for themselves.
So while you are in Perth making the best out of the situation and experience the best hospitality offered in the city.

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