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Community Network - a network of businesses and community groups providing products, services and support for members, contacts and clients. A group making the most of online to give itself strength through marketing, communication, referral and introductions.

What is localsmile?

localsmile's strength is enabling and supporting real people working together online with the right tools and processes to build a thriving community network. Through using our systems we achieve the 5 marketing outcomes all businesses and groups are looking for:

  • Web Presence
  • SEO Google
  • Networking and Referrals
  • Social Media connection
  • Email marketing

Community database

At the heart of localsmile sits a bank of databases where the owners of each database can effortlessly collaborate to support and market to each other securely and maintaining control over their own data

The community communicates through these networks - with individuals, groups and businesses. As the database grows, so too does the network - in both size and strength.

Every business wants and needs to be 'top of mind' when someone in their potential community network is looking for product or service. The objective is to grow that network.

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How localsmile works

We have developed a unique combination of web based products and services that will facilitate the growth of Community Networks. We do this in three ways:

Creating the network:

Tools to build the community database

  • create email database
  • utilise email database
  • segment data to enhance communication
  • connect to collaborator databases
  • connect and drive social media
  • web engagement to capture email
  • Campaign management

Activating and engaging the network:

Publishing and engagement platform to communicate effectively with the database.

  • community website for promotion
  • directory Service to enhance SEO
  • noticeboard facilities for future network engagement and SEO
  • tools to create a story
  • libraries to help tell the story
  • support to find images to help tell the story
  • features to enhance compliance
  • SEO strategies for writing
  • integration between Website, Business profile, personal profile, Stories

Supporting the growth of the network:

Development managers, web production and publishing professionals, and Writers all coordinated to resource and help to those that need it.

  • Discovery sessions to clarify web presence strategies
  • Professional publishing to ensure you look great when you are found
  • Help in network building
  • Networking strategies to enhance SEO
  • Campaign facilitation

Supporting the Community - Community groups and sports clubs

Non commercial groups and services recieve our service free.

These groups are a part of the community network. They support an important part of the lifestyle and culture and they represent the passion of those that work in our networks. Our research shows that these groups have the same needs and get value and benefit from good marketing and online presence.

Contact a development manager to help build your community network

Our network of Development Managers and Storytellers support our system with real offline, face to face, connectivity into the networks and communities. A Development Manager is tasked with conducting a range of support activities to introduce, meet with and connect businesses, not-for-profit organisations and consumers. These activities performed offline facilitate our clients to grow their networks in the communities to which they belong. Once started, the development manager will work with you to bring the network online.


Every person, organisation and business that makes up a community network has a story that needs to be told - there is a basic human need to communicate. The internet was developed to effect communication beyond the reach of traditional media and now it is possible to tell your story to the whole world - to those that have access to computers and smart phones, which are numbered in billions and rapidly rising.

The promise of the internet also turned out to be a threat when online transactions started to take the lifeblood - the money and wealth - away from the businesses and out of the communities that were supposed to benefit from the new online world. Globalisation helps some and harms some at the same time.

By engaging and working with the online revolution, your story can be told with greater reach and effect - if you have the tools and the knowledge to play the game. Our goal is to make that simple, suport you when you need it, help you make the most from it.

localsmile was designed to empower community networks to engage the online world by telling their stories and linking these stories to referral networks and community databases.

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